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It’s arguably the most divisive issue of Halloween: how old is too old to go trick-or-treating?

We’ve all been there. You answer the door and a kid’s mustache looks just a bit too real. And did one of those “children” hop behind the steering wheel and back into your barrels on the way out?

Or…maybe you’re on the other side of things. A kid at heart who’s not ready to hang up your “Scream” mask. “What’s the big deal?? It’s just candy!” you reason.

Well, a few years back, it almost landed residents in one state in jail. That’s right – a city in Virginia city threatened residents with a fine a possible prison sentence.

Now that (fingers crossed) we’re “getting back to normal,” it feels as though people are more open to “senior” trick-or-treaters. It’s fun just to see people having fun.

However…it is a holiday for children. And maybe…just maybe…it’s time to pass the trick-or-treat torch. So in case you’re at a candy corn crossroads, here are…

Eight Great Signs You’re Too Old for to be Trick or Treating in New England:

You’re dressed as the Yoken’s whale

When asked if you’ve seen a concert at the Xfinity Center, you say, “It’s called Great Woods.”

You’re torn between two costumes: Bird’s mullet or Bourque’s mullet?

When someone says Stephen King’s not that scary anymore you say, “Yes I am!”

When asked if you got your costume at Macy’s you say, “Nope, Jordan Marsh.”

Your little brother is Fritz Wetherbee

The sticker on your Boo Bucket says “Dukakis ‘88”

Your names are Jonathan, Jordan, Joey, Donnie and Danny

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