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Winters in New Hampshire can be long and relentless. For a solid four months out of the year, the air hurts our faces when we walk outside. Trying something new and exciting this winter could be exactly what your spirit needs.

If skiing and boarding isn’t your cup of tea and ice fishing seems a little too intense, then perhaps what you need is something that takes very little skill but is a whole lot of fun. If you are thinking “drinking in a heated igloo”, that is an excellent guess! And you can definitely do that after. But I am talking about snow tubing!

Both Loon Mountain and Gunstock Mountain resort are offering night tubing this winter, and it's fun for the whole family:

Gunstock Mountain Resort via Facebook
Gunstock Mountain Resort via Facebook

Gunstock has their tubing hill open on Tuesday-Saturday nights. And they have a pro tip for you:
beat the weekend crowds and go on a weeknight!


While the tubing hill is well lit, there's still a sense of danger sliding down the hill at high speeds in your tube while being surrounded by darkness. It is downright invigorating! So get ready to strap on those snow boots and take a few deep breaths of that crisp winter air. Snow tubing after dark might be your new winter obsession. 

And Mainers - don't worry! We didn't leave you out of the fun. There is an adventure park in Windham, Maine, where you can go snow tubing after dark!

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