In a city where things move quicker than most other parts of Maine, there's always going to be crime in Portland. There's also going to be some stranger crimes than you won't find elsewhere because the city is filled with unique museums, galleries, restaurants, and bars. When Sagamore Hill Lounge took to social media on Saturday morning to announce a thief had stolen a cherished decoration, there were two reactions. A rush to help them recover the property, but also the very fair question of how did this happen?

As of this writing on Sunday night, Sagamore Hill's stuffed lynx had not been recovered by the Portland Police Department or internet sleuths. As Sagamore Hill explained in their social media post, the lynx is part of a taxidermy collection that they cherish deeply, and the establishment is offering a cash reward to whomever helps in its retrieval.

Sagamore Hill shared a pair of security camera images as clues. But those images led to a some interesting questions. How did this even happen? It was not an indictment of the business owners not nailing every decoration in the place directly to the floor, but rather how we've become so numb to our surroundings in Portland that everyone at Sagamore Hill on Friday night dismissed a person walking out of the bar with a large, stuffed cat as perfectly normal.

If you have any information that could lead to the retrieval of the stolen item, please contact Sagamore Hill Lounge on Facebook and the Portland Police Department

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