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We do love our celebrity sightings, especially when they're from the area like this latest post by Secret Boston on its Instagram account.  Hi Ben, love you!

Yes, welcome home to our Boston native, Ben Affleck, who is just off his marriage and lavish Italian honeymoon to the always-stunning Jennifer Lopez.  As a matter of the fact, the home they were married in along the coast of Georgia is up for sale, and I've attached a gallery of photos at the end of this article if you care to peruse.

Meanwhile, back to this photo of our Boston boy looking so very New England in the fall.  I mean, if his outfit doesn't say "I'm from New England and proud of it," I don't know what does.  He's sporting a puffer jacket, which I hope is Patagonia, while decked out in shorts and sandals.  Yes, only in New England, as comments noticed.

Secret Boston via Instagram
Secret Boston via Instagram

Now, here's where you may have an issue with Ben hanging in Boston and going very Hollywood.  Ben's literally carrying a halfway filled Starbucks cup.  There's no mistaking that cup.  What the what???  How can any self-respecting New Englander do that?   We're Dunkin all the way, and for Ben, who doesn't even live near many in Southern California, you'd think he'd jump all over this opportunity to have a Dunkin on practically every corner in Boston.

I literally googled Dunkin in Los Angeles, and less than 20 popped up, so come on, Ben. What were you thinking?  I'll admit that I'm not always going to drink Dunkin if I'm craving an iced latte and there's a little coffee shop right near me that's more convenient, but overall, if you're visiting home in the land of Dunkin, go for it.

Finally, whether in New England, Hollywood, or really anywhere in the country, smoking is a thing, and even though we've heard that Ben has cut back on his two-packs-a-day cigarette habit, he's hasn't fully quit.  As a matter of fact, returning from his Italian honeymoon, OK Magazine caught him lighting up the second he was able too after landing at LAX.

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