Human beings make mistakes. After all, they are human beings! No one on this planet can say they have done the right thing 100% of the time, myself included! But sometimes life gives us opportunities to redeem ourselves and right our wrongs. That is exactly what happened outside Ceres Bakery in Portsmouth a few days ago.

Andrew Bagley posted a photo of a note to the Portsmouth, NH Facebook page. In the note, someone was explaining that their SE Lager road bike had been stolen outside Ceres Bakery in Portsmouth. This bike was their sole means of transportation. They didn’t care if the person who stole it was just doing it for fun or if they needed money, they were just asking for the bike back. They weren't demanded to meet them face to face, they didn’t need to involve the police, all they wanted was their bike back. The note was such an honest approach! Essentially it said, “Hey, you took my bike. I don’t think you realize how much I need it. Please, from one human to another, give it back.”

The bike thief must have seen this sign and felt something resembling empathy or remorse because sure enough the bike was returned! People were really pleased to hear that the bike was back with its rightful owner! Here are some of the comments:

Bill Tuthill:

"Never underestimate the power of just politely asking for something"


Julie Martin:

"So great that the bike was returned. People work hard for what they need. It’s so wrong for someone to take what isn’t theirs."


Richard A. Smith:
"It’s a beautiful thing it was returned ! Ceres street bakery instills positive action & good karma"

Oh happy day! The thief shouldn’t have taken the bike in the first place but the fact that they returned it definitely says something.


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