Starting your Black Friday Shopping Early?  Here is what is closed on Thanksgiving


In previous years, many traditional Black Friday shoppers have been getting a head start by shopping on Thanksgiving Day.  Personally, I don’t get this strategy.  No amount of money saved on some big-screen television is worth me facing those crowds of crazy shoppers.  As for shopping on Thanksgiving well, that time is sacred to me.  That is a day for football, eating tons of food, and napping.  It also happens to be when my family has a big birthday celebration.  My wife and our oldest son share the same birthday of November 26 and mine are November 30, so it is a tradition that we celebrate all of our birthdays on Thanksgiving Day.


Pandemic Shopping


Last year was an odd shopping year due to the pandemic restrictions.  Many people took to online deals.  Many stores made it clear that Black Friday shopping madness would not be tolerated.  But this year is a bit different.  COVID restrictions have been lifted in most places. The CDC still wants people to wear masks indoors and maintain social distancing guidelines, but that’s tough when shopping.


What’s Closed


Here is what we know so far.  All these are subject to change.  As you can well imagine, the supply chain problems may influence store open and closures.  As of now, you can look forward to shopping at Bass Pro Shops, Big Lots, CVS, Dollar General, Family Dollar, Old Navy (most stores will close at 3 pm on Thanksgiving), and Walgreens to name a few.  Check with the stores before you head out the door.  Some stores that will NOT be open on Thanksgiving Day are Aldi, Barnes and Nobel, Bath & Body Works, Bed, Bath and Beyond, Best Buy, Costco, Home Depot, Petco, Kohl’s, Target, Trader Joe’s and Walmart and Kittery Trading Post.  As I cautioned, before you plan your shopping adventures, check with the stores you are planning on shopping at because their hours may be subject to change.  Happy shopping!

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