Gov. Chris Sununu was admitted to Portsmouth Regional Hospital on Friday with a bleeding ulcer that required a blood transfusion, according to his Chief of Staff.

Sununu took three COVID-19 tests on Wednesday after waking up with flu like symptoms. Two rapid antigen tests and a PCR test all came back negative but the symptoms lingered and on Friday he went to get checked out.

tweet by WMUR Friday afternoon showed Sununu in a stretcher as he entered the hospital.

"Tests have confirmed that a bleeding ulcer caused the symptoms the governor has been experiencing this week. After blood transfusion today, he is doing much better,"
Chief of Staff Jayne Millerick said in a statement.  "He is extremely grateful to the staff at Portsmouth Hospital for their outstanding care and to everyone who donates blood. As a blood donor himself, he is happy he paid it forward and grateful to all who do the same."

He had been resting and working from home, according to Millerick, who did not disclose how long he is expected to remain hospitalized.

Millerick did not say how long Sununu would be hospitalized.  Senate President Chuck Morse who is next in line to serve as governor told WMUR he has been in touch with Sununu's staff who would let him know if he was needed to assume temporary duties.

Many took to the social media platform to wish the governor well including Senate President Chuck Morse who is next in line to serve as governor.

According to the website some of the symptoms of an ulcer are belching, heartburn, nausea and vomiting.

Many people to to Twitter to wish Sununu well.

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