If you've ever had a pet escape on your watch you are familiar with the horrendous feeling that accompanies it. It is like a pit in your stomach combined with a heaviness on your heart. You can't eat, sleep, function, until you find your fur baby safe and sound.

I'll never forget when my cat Seymour ran out of our screen door when we weren't looking. He was gone for almost a week and to this day I have never seen my dad so upset. Low and behold, a few streets over, we found him taking shelter under our neighbors deck. The woman who lived there said he had been there for a while and was keeping dry from the rain. We were annoyed she didn't call and report it so we could have been reunited sooner. But at the end of the day we were just so happy to have our boy home.

Someone is missing their sweet cat "Sabbie" from New Castle, New Hampshire. She was last spotted on Halloween day! Ashley McManus took to the Portsmouth, NH, Facebook page to spread the word:

Andrea McManus via Facebook
Andrea McManus via Facebook

A Facebook user named Stacy Farnham posted this graphic about lost indoor casts which I found to be very helpful:

Also this:

If you have any leads on Sabbie or her whereabouts don't hesitate to reach out to Greg at 646-280-8374

We are hoping and praying for Sabbie's safe return!

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