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If you are looking for a local baker for your next birthday party, wedding, or any event needing a dessert with flare, look no further than Sweet K Confections out of Portsmouth, New  Hampshire.

I don't usually get jazzed up about sweets or cakes, regardless of taste or design. That all changed when I saw some of the elaborate cakes made by Karla Jones and Sweet K Confections.

Okay, I am certainly biased about this post since Karla Jones baked our bridal shower cake, wedding cake, birthdays, and every cake for me in the future...but I don't care.

I am sharing these cakes with the rest of the world for YOUR GOOD. You need Sweet K Confections for your next event.

I mean, a unicorn cake...

And look at this Barbie cake...

She does weddings too, including mine. See my wedding cake, and other wedding cakes, down below.

"As a self-taught baker, I always enjoy seeing the finished product, taking photos, and of course, tasting along the way," said Jones. "But, nothing makes me happier than seeing a customer's smiling face or getting another order from a returning customer."

And when you pick up one of these cakes, your face will surely light up with a smile.

Jones grew up baking with her family in Brazil, and her roots come forward in many of her extra treats.

"One thing that people seem to love is that I incorporate some of my favorite traditional Brazilian desserts, such as our famous 'Brigadeiros' and 'Dolce de Leche,'" said Jones. "After trying my Brigadeiro filling, customers rarely order anything else!"

Yup. that is true. The Brigadeiros (images below) are so good and they are as small as a ping pong ball, so you don't feel guilty eating a dozen...or two.

I think the most impressive thing about Sweet K Confections is the level of involvement and passion that Karla Jones puts into every cake. Not only are her baking details amazing, making gluten-free cake taste like the real deal and frosting that is silky and not artificial-tasting, but her designs are so accurate for whatever theme you have.

For my wedding, my wife gave Sweet K Confections very few guidelines: color and a few flowers. The final product was something we couldn't even imagine. It was better. It matched our theme to a T.

To place an order, reach out to the best: sweetkgifts@gmail.com.

Check out some of the amazing cakes done by Sweet K  Confections below (all from Sweet K Confections on Instagram).

Amazing Cakes by Sweet K Confections in Portsmouth, New Hampshire

These cakes are incredibly detailed, gorgeous, and delicious. Check them out.

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