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I used to go to Salem, MA almost every weekend. Why? Cause it's an interesting place to just walk around and explore (especially during the off-season). There are so many museums, stores, and places to eat.

I remember when they added the "Bewitched" statue of the main character, Samantha, on her broom back in 2005. Some people were upset that the statue was there and more so the fact that it became a landmark there.

We all know about the Salem Witch Trials, but many of us don't know that some episodes of "Bewitched" were actually filmed in Salem. The statue was meant to commemorate that, not to take away from the Witch Trials.

This past Monday, the statue ended up being vandalized.

The known statue was covered in red paint, well Samantha's head, arms, and torso.

According to The Boston Globe, witnesses told the police that they saw a man covering the statue in red paint not long before 5 pm. The Boston Globe states that one homeless man living in Salem named Kylynn Chambers, 31, is facing many charges after the statue was defaced on Monday. Chambers was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, and defacing property.

Luckily, after a good power wash, the 6-foot statue looks as if nothing has happened. If you haven't seen the statue yet and want to make a trip, you can find it near the intersection of Washington and Essex street.

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