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In Kensington, NH, the champion sugar maple has seen some things as it’s been around for nearly 250 years, according to unionleader.com.

The tree is reportedly the largest sugar maple in New Hampshire and it was declared the largest sugar maple in the U.S. by the National Register of Champion Trees, the news article stated.

This tree, along with a second sugar maple, was reportedly planted in 1780, the Union Leader said. While this tree has been around through the Revolutionary War, World War I, the Great Depression, World War II, and now the great pandemic of 2020, due to safety reasons, it must come down, the news site noted.

The Tree has its Own Doctor

The tree has had its own tree doctor and been undergoing treatment since 2008, the Union Leader stated.

The arborist, Micum Davis, and owner of Cornerstone Tree Care in Portsmouth, told the Union Leader: “I feel very fortunate that I have been able to work with such a large tree and such an old and iconic tree and thankful the tree has lasted as long as it has."

Famous Sugar Maple has not Been Tapped Since Before 1954

The tree is on the property owned by the Buxtons who purchased the place back in 1954, according to the Union Leader.

Since they have owned the property, the famous sugar maple has never been tapped, the news article stated.

Janet Buxton told the unionleader.com, “I’m very emotional. The whole family is. We love the tree. It’s been very special to us and we tried to take good care of it.”

Rest easy, champion sugar maple, rest easy.

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