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It's funny, the word "luxury" doesn't usually come up in the same sentence when talking about Maine. However, that doesn't mean you can't find the closest thing to a luxury resort.

Let me put you onto one that was named the best luxury resort/hotel in the state, according to Trips to Discover.

Have you ever seen or heard of Anchorage by the Sea in Ogunquit Beach?

This is the first time I've ever seen somewhere "luxurious" like this to stay at in southern Maine and it's absolutely beautiful.

This "Maine resort" lands right on the ocean and is a quick 10-minute ride from Ogunquit Beach, according to Trips to Discover.

The travel website even lists the Ogunquit Playhouse as a place to check out while there. It is right on Main Street, and almost looks like a version of the White House from the outside... she's a fancy one!

They've been around for years and are going strong for you offering live musicals and plays on a schedule if you're a plan-ahead-of-time type of person like me.

Anchorage by the Sea's website says that this family-run business has been around since 1978.

Just taking a quick look at the amenities page on their website I see indoor, outdoor and kiddie pools. Now, indoor pools weird me out because all I can think about is the people peeing in them, but the outside one looks amazing for pool beers, just saying.

Moms, drop the kiddos at the pool with your significant other if you're on a romantic getaway, and go treat yourself to some pampering.

Either way, this place looks like it lives up to its "luxury" title. It even has a 4.4 out of 5 rating on TripAdvisor. And the ocean views? Instagram worthy.

What are some other luxury resorts and hotels you think could take the title of the best in Maine? Let me know.

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