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This is a fun fact I just learned.  As lighthouse obsessed New Englanders, we love our beacons of light in all shapes and sizes, but there's one lighthouse that shines taller than all the rest.

Off the coast of York, Maine, this tall, thin beacon of light was first lit in 1855, following a treacherous storm which damaged the first lighthouse in 1831,as the station has been there since 1811.

The saying "they don't make them like they used to" is never more true when looking from the shores of York, Maine out to Boon Island, seeing the tallest lighthouse in New England.  You'll have to have a clear day and binoculars, as it's miles out to sea, but this intriguing beacon warns mariners of hazards, but also a safe harbor.

According to usbeacons.com, The Boon Island Lighthouse is still active and a steady presence off the Maine Seacoast.  While it's not open to the public, it can be seen from 19 nautical miles out, and is still working hard to warn seafarers of rocks and land.  The beacon is 137 feet above sea level and 133 feet tall. That is equal to over 1/3 of a football field.

Located 7 miles off the coast of Maine, this is the southernmost lighthouse in the state of Maine, according to mainelighthousemuseum.com.  The best place to see from land is Long Sands Beach in York, Maine, or Sohier Park at Cape Neddick,  home to the Nubble Light House, where you can see two famous lighthouses in one spot.

If you find lighthouses fascinating, check out Maine's Boon Island Lighthouse.

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