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November is coming in hot. Literally.

After an up and down October that saw everything from beach days to a polar vortex watch, the rollercoaster ride continues. Just a week after picking apples and trick or treating, New Englanders are making beach plans a few weeks out from Thanksgiving.

What does this mean for the winter?

“When you have – certainly in Boston – a big snowstorm in Boston in October, the rest of the winter, more often than not, is a dud,” he continued.

But Rosenthal cautioned that skiers and snowboarders shouldn’t rush to buy new gear just yet.

He noted how that rule “went out the window” a few years ago, when the region experienced heavy snow in October and still went on to be blanketed in the winter. “When you have a lot of flips like we’ve been having (in October), there’s really no continuity.

“When you just have a few weeks of warmth early in November…that’s not a prelude to the rest of the winter.”

With temperatures expected to soar into the 70s the first weekend of November, I was curious if we’d have to put our turkeys in the oven, or just drop them on the sidewalk like an egg (and what came first – the turkey or the egg?). I was also curious about the warmest November day for each New England state.

There are some dates that appear to be part of a rare November heat wave that hit much of New England. But also a few standalones - one of which really stood out.

Warmest November Days in History for Each New England State

Based on information from Climate Spy and Info Please, here are the warmest dates on record for all six New England states.

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