Laws are important, as we all know. They help maintain order and keep us safe.

With the new year having officially kicked off, several new laws will be taking affect in New Hampshire in 2023. The New Hampshire Public Radio (nphr) highlighted four of these laws in a recent article, so let's take a look at what they entail below:

House Bill 1614

According to the New Hampshire General Court, House Bill 1614 "mandates digital video recording of juvenile detention facilities paid for, in whole or in part, with general funds, as well as establishes the system requirements for such digital videos." 

House Bill 1577

House Bill 1577 "establishes exemptions from prosecution for victims of human trafficking, and establishes procedures to protect the privacy of court records relating to human trafficking and for vacating convictions and juvenile adjudications in human trafficking cases." As human trafficking unfortunately continues to be a rising, ongoing issue, any law that protect victims in some way, shape, or form is good.

House Bill 1388

The New Hampshire General Court explains that House Bill 1388 "establishes a criminal penalty for the unsolicited disclosure of an intimate image." It's unfortunate that people even need to be told not to send unsolicited inappropriate images, but alas, some humans are disgusting.

Senate Bill 306

Last but not least, Senate Bill 306 "provides for enhanced penalties for certain driving offenses where the offense was also based on facts involving the prohibited use of a mobile electronic device." Come on, guys. We know that texting while driving and distracted driving of a similar sort is a no-no.

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