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It is kind of obvious that there is a famous band that came out of one state around the U.S. However, New England is home to some amazing bands that have ended up traveling the world.

Insider put together a list of the most famous band to ever come out of every U.S. state. Of course, they had to look at many factors to determine which band is actually the most famous. They looked at reputation, record sales, and awards. Insider also considered each band within their own era (meaning that even if a band is popular now, it did not push another bigger band from a previous decade out of the running).

Insider chose not to focus on solo artists, only bands. They did however consider "band" to be defined as a musical act that consists of more than one person. According to Insider, they focused mostly on the state where each band originally formed, artists' hometowns, as well as where their music was popularized.

Below you will find who Insider declared as the most famous band from each New England state.

Connecticut: The Carpenters

Three-time Grammy winners, The Carpenters, took the world by storm in the '70s with hits like "Top of the World" and "Rainy Days and Mondays."

Maine: Rustic Overtones

Formed over 20 years ago by Portland natives, the Rustic Overtones are Maine's most famous band. The Rustic Overtones even had the fastest-selling local album in Maine's history, it was their 2007 album "Light At The End."

Massachusetts: Boston

Although Aerosmith may be known as the "bad boys from Boston," they actually got their start in New Hampshire. With Aerosmith starting in New Hampshire, Boston takes the title of the most famous band from Massachusetts.  Boston became the first band in history to play their debut concert in New York at Madison Square Garden.

New Hampshire: Aerosmith

One of the most recognizable rock bands from the '70s was formed in New Hampshire, I am talking about Aerosmith. Starting at local small venues and proms, Aerosmith now is playing around the world (not to mention, they even have a rollercoaster themed after them at Disney World).

Rhode Island: Talking Heads

Although the Talking Heads found fame in New York they started at the Rhode Island School of Design. The Talking Heads are best known for their songs "Life During Wartime," "Once in a Lifetime," and "Psycho Killer."

Vermont: Phish

Original members of Phish actually met at the University of Vermont, where the band officially formed in 1983. In 1997, Phish hosted a music festival in Limestone, Maine, called The Great Went, which was the top-grossing concert that summer.

Even though Insider only looked at the most famous band, there are so many amazing bands that have come from New England.

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