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It’s always great to land the car of your dreams. But here’s the catch: chances are, it’s the car of someone else’s dreams, too, and they might decide they want it just a little more than you do.

Case in point: after saying goodbye to my longtime Jeep, I briefly considered being bold and getting a shiny, blue replacement. Then, I talked to my friend Joe from Hampton.

He had a shiny, blue car once. And almost immediately, it was stolen. Two other New Englanders had the same story. So if you think blue is for you, I might check with local law enforcement first. Seems pretty popular.

According to the auto insurance site Quote Wizard, New England has very similar taste when it comes to its most stolen vehicle. But here’s the good news: it seems like the days of car theft being so high in New England that every “caught stealing” in a Red Sox game was brought to you by LoJack.

Not one New England state made the top 25 for most stolen vehicles, and none of the states showed any drastic increase in thefts. In fact, four New England states (Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, and Vermont) were in the top five for safest state to park your car.

Vermont, in fact, had the fewest reported auto thefts.

The bad news, though, is that if you own a certain make and model…it seems as though you may in fact be a target for auto thieves here in New England.

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