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The ocean is a mysterious place. That's quite a  "Captain Obvious" statement, I know. But, its vastness, depth, and danger continue to make it the world's true final frontier.

It's amazing how much of the ocean is still either undiscovered or unknown. According to the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration, it is simply "unknown" how many species actually live in the ocean. Up to 91% of species in the ocean have not even been classified. Just think of the monsters that could be living in the depths of the waters, just waiting to be discovered.

Those discoveries can happen on a daily occurrence, even if it's a familiar face. Take this lobster for an example.

This was posted on Facebook by the good folks at Boston Sword and Tuna, a seafood company in Boston. The lobster measured in at just over 14 pounds, a simply incredible size.

This lobster is so big, the rubber bands on the claws look more like human wristbands. Each leg is as thick as a human finger. Even the antennae are a very impressive size. This monster could feed a family of seven, and there'd still be leftovers.

Now that we've met Mr. Claw, it certainly makes my mind start wondering. Just think about what else could in the ocean. If a 14 pound lobster can surface, why couldn't a 40 lb shrimp? How about a 75 foot Great White Shark? Something with fangs and lasers? Or, even worse, aliens.

As much as the mind can race, we really don't know what could be the next discovery. It's equal parts fascinating and frightening. So, let's just enjoy this mammoth lobster, and try not to think of what we swim with in the ocean.

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