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Tom Jones was on a hike in Hudson, New Hampshire, when he came across something a little peculiar. It appeared to be a boot shaped little house. Now, that is something you don't see everyday! He posted the photo on the U Local New Hampshire Facebook page with the caption "You find the weirdest things while hiking in NH lol"

Tom Jones via Facebook
Tom Jones via Facebook

Tom did not expect what happened next which was an enthusiastic slew of comments, likes, and shares on this photo.

It came out in the comments that this is one of the only remaining pieces of Benson's Animal Park. Remember the old lady who lived in her shoe? Yup, that's her house. According to Tom, if you look through the window of this little house, you can still see the old lady hanging out in there.

If you grew up in New Hampshire, there is a good chance that you went on a fieldtrip or two to Benson's!  It was so much fun reading through everyone's fond memories in the comments.

Here are some of my favorites:

Bob Goulet: Worked there as a teenager. This and the gorilla cage are about all that is left.

Alyssa Bean loved this part of the park so much, she drew it in high school with colored pencils. Check it out:

Kimberly Armentrout Taliadouros: I visited for the first time this week! I knocked, but the old woman just waved.

Audra Arseneau: Only house I can afford in today's market!

So apparently, Benson's was the bee's knee's and I am feeling a little left out that I never got to experience it. At least we have this stand up bit from Dane Cook (who also went to Benson's) to remember it by:

WARNING: Grab those headphones because the language gets a little saucy.

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