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We know what it is like when we have to wake up and rush out of the house early due to snow in the winter.

Snow can add time to our day and even make us late for work.

Brushing off snow and scraping ice off our cars can be exhausting. But I doubt it is as exhausting as this...

There are times when we do not know when a huge storm is going to hit. Steve Maguire of Scituate, Massachusets, apparently did not expect a snowstorm to come through on Sunday.

According to UPI, Maguire decided to take his wife's car out on Saturday, since it was a high of 63 degrees outside and opened all windows (including the sunroof).

I'm sure you guessed it... he forgot to close the sunroof!

According to CBS Boston, Maguire did not go back to his wife's minivan until Monday.

Maguire gave his wife a strange and unplanned Valentine's Day present this year: roughly 9 inches of snow inside her car.

Maguire, a high school teacher that also teaches meteorology as an elective did not seem to know the weather for the day. However, he did not seem too upset when talking with WBZ-TV about the incident.

Let this be a reminder to double-check all your car windows before, or even during, snowfall.

If you are one of the people that do forget, or even have a window cracked, I have you covered so it can be easier for you to get rid of any snow that may end up in your car.

According to Napa, you only need a couple of things to clean out the snow from inside your car.

A soft brush (like one you would use for detailing your car) or duster works great on car seats as well as on your doors and dashboard (you don't need snow melting and dripping into anything electrical).

Floor mats can definitely help catch some snow, just make sure you shake them out (or just get the ones specially made for weather).

A Wet-Dry Vacuum Cleaner will help get the snow out of your car and get to hard to reach spots (we all know that we cannot fit our hand fully under our seats).

Hopefully, Maguire follows these tips and gets his wife a less snow-filled Valentine's Day gift next year. Fingers crossed.

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