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This squirrel from Rochester, New Hampshire, seems to be embracing his/her curves, and that is the energy we need in 2021.

But allow me to say that I have seen a lot of squirrels in my day and have never encountered a squirrel quite as thick as this one. (or is it Thiccc? Gen Z-ers, let me know!)

Brookelyn Elizabeth took to the U Local New Hampshire Facebook page to share this big squirrel energy, she captioned the photo "Choooonky booiii 😍" and the internet just lost it.

Brookelyn Elizabeth via Facebook
Brookelyn Elizabeth via Facebook

Does this squirrel remind anyone of another internet famous New Hampshire squirrel from back in 2018? Do you remember Chubskins from Newmarket?

Rich Guidice via Facebook
Rich Guidice via Facebook

Rumor has it Chubskins has since embraced a healthier lifestyle since this photo was taken. He started climbing more trees, eating less starchy snacks and even integrating some squirrel yoga into his weekly routine. It's important to center his squirrely mind, body, and spirit.

As for our new chubby friend in Rochester, New Hampshire, commenters believe that he might actually be a SHE with a few squirrel babies on board.

Here's what the people are saying:

Bonnie Kerby: That is more than chunky! Well fed little brat!

James Robertson: Emptied the bird feeder! Waiting for more seed!!😂

Wanda Robinson: It definitely looks pregnant...and another girl who watches them and cares for them in NH says they mate twice a year...Some near her are due any time now 😉

Whether this is a chunky male or a preggo female, we commend this squirrel for being comfortable in his/her own squirrelly skin!

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