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You may be thinking that amusement parks are just full of rides and carnival games, so how was one made for people that love pinball. Well, let me start off by saying yes, there are rides and carnival games but this amusement park has a whole air-conditioned room just to enjoy spending time playing pinball.

Canobie Lake Park in New Hampshire offers a day full of family fun. There is a water park, water slides, a variety of rides (for all ages), stage shows, arcades, and more. Every time I go to Canobie Lake Park though, I always have to make a stop at their pinball room.

In case you do not know about this room, I am here to educate you, as it is kind of hidden.

In the building between Untamed and the Skater, you can find quick-service food, restrooms, and a place to escape the sun (we all need to sit in shade at some point during the day). In the back of this building (next to the restrooms) there is one room filled with pinball machines.


Canobie Lake Park offers a wide variety of pinball machines, old and new. So you and your family (or friends) can enjoy a little friendly competition during your day. Unfortunately, I did not count how many machines they have, but I can tell you there are a lot.

Choose from a newer pinball machine, like Stranger Things, or go old school and play Bugs Bunny.


Another great thing about the pinball room is that it is air-conditioned, so you will not even break a sweat while you play. There are even a couple of comfy chairs for others to sit and watch you play.

If you choose to spend the day playing pinball, you do not even have to worry about your devices dying, because there are special outlets throughout the game room.

Canobie Lake Park is full of fun, but my heart will always remain in their pinball room.

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