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One very iconic Maine town made an exclusive list in regard to its family-friendly community and attractions.

Popular website Travel Pulse released its list of the most family friendly cities in each state. The venerable Bar Harbor got the nod for Maine.

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This is a little of what Travel Pulse had to say about the popular Maine town...

In town, there is Agamont Park and the Village Green. Families can hike along the shore path or just spend time at the beach. It's also the ideal place from which to explore Acadia National Park. Take the kids on a drive around the auto loop. Families can hike or rent bikes to enjoy the many trails. Kids can participate in Acadia's Junior Ranger Program, too.

This is quite a sound argument for Bar Harbor being the most family friendly town. I love that the article drew attention to the outdoor activities and national park. In an era of cell phones and online gaming, it's great that Maine can always tout its amazing outdoor beauty and wonder. Every single kid will get their face out of a phone when they see Acadia National Park.

While Bar Harbor is a great choice, there are some speed bumps. The town is not exactly the most cost effective for a family. It's also quite a haul for tourists to get there. It can be a long trip, especially with annoying kids asking you "Are we there yet?"

The fact is there's probably about 50 other Maine towns that could get the call. Practically every region of Maine has just amazingly beautiful areas, great attractions, and outstanding food. Some are also more cost effective for others, especially for a family.

However, let's not take away too much from Trave Pulse's choice. Bar Harbor really is a tremendous representation of Maine's beauty and neighborly mentality. Anyone would love a trip to this perfect little mecca.

You can see the entire family friendly city list here.

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