Portsmouth has been one of this writer's favorite places for years.

The little city's got it all, from cute shops and restaurants to a scenic park with waterfront views, centuries of history, and opportunities to enjoy music, theatre, art, and nightlife. But as the locals know, Portsmouth also has lots of side streets that don't get as much foot traffic as those on Congress Street.

One of these streets, Sheafe Street, deserves all the love. It's steps away from Prescott Park and home to two shops: Sheafe Street Books and Deadwick's.

First up is Sheafe Street Books. This quaint and charming bookstore has both new and used books touching on countless genres, with a special focus on "Beat literature, Poetry, New England and the classics," according to their website. This writer doesn't know the owner's name, but he's always extremely helpful with answering any questions you might have.

Megan, Townsquare Media
Megan, Townsquare Media

Oh, and he's also got an adorable kitty who wanders around the store. How cute is that?

Right next to Sheafe Street Books is Deadwick's Etherial Emporium, which describes itself on Facebook as "The Seacoast's best kept magical retail secret." From a vast selection of crystals to tarot decks, incense, herbs, books, candles, decor, and more, there's always something interesting to see there, even if you aren't into what the shop's Instagram calls "magickal curiosities."

As someone who loves reading and is intrigued by elements of the metaphysical, yours truly always goes out of the way to stop by these stores when in Portsmouth. So, next time you visit, be sure to go to Sheafe Street and show these places some well-deserved love.

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