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How you like them apples???

I apologize for coming in hot while inquiring about your fondness for apples. But if you do like them, and live in New England, you’re in luck, because three New England orchards made USA Today’s list of the Top 10 Apple Orchards in the United States.

Massachusetts earned its way into the 10 slot thanks to the Tougas Family Farm in Northborough. In addition to apples, visitors are welcome to pick their own berries, peaches, nectarines, and pumpkins.

The Farm remains open through the end of October and offers activities for kids, along with a playground. Visitors can also purchase baked goods from the Farm Kitchen.

Finishing just ahead in the nine spot was Jaswell’s Farm in Smithfield, Rhode Island. Located 30 minutes from Providence, this farm emphasizes that its orchard is “family-friendly” and “farm fresh,” and each visitor can even take a free apple for the ride home – a delight for others in your UberPool (and if you think it’s a strange coincidence there’s a Granny Smith Apple and a Smithfield, Rhode Island…you’re right. Granny Smith was from Australia. Total coincidence).

Finishing first on the list for New England is Libby & Son U-Picks in Limerick, Maine.

That’s right, folks. Nantucket ain’t the only spot in New England with a special limerick. Maine’s got one, too, and it is the region’s top apple orchard, according to USA Today.

The x-factor for Libby & Son U-Picks: the live music visitors can listen to as they select their produce, meaning that if someone in the band has a banjo, you can listen’ to some pickin’ while pickin’. #DadJoke

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