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USA Today recently named its 10 best apple orchards in the United States, with three New England orchards making the cut.

But with all due respect to Limerick, Maine, Northborough, Massachusetts, and Smithfield Rhode Island, you gotta be kidding me.

How can you put together a list of the top apple orchards in the U.S., include three from New England, and miss perhaps the best apple orchard IN THE WORLD, located right here on the Seacoast?

Was there a miscommunication? Did someone miss a deadline? Was USA Today too busy delivering complimentary copies at the Holiday Inn to include the crown jewel of Hampton Falls, New Hampshire: Applecrest???

It’s akin to ranking New Hampshire comedians and snubbing Adam Sandler. For years, Applecrest has been the industry leader of big-time apple business, and I had to read this so-called “list” twice to make sure I wasn’t missing something.

But how could I? After all, Applecrest is, in itself, one of the most badass names ever conceived. Applecrest could be an orchard, or a band you’ve seen over 20 times. “Did you see Applecrest slay at Ozzfest? I’m sorry – slice??”

And I see this place up in Maine has music. Uh, hello? I can’t remember one weekend trip to the ‘Crest where a tight quartet wasn’t fiddling some folk for the townsfolk. Do you know how hard it is to get me to enjoy banjo music?? And yet I do at Applecrest.

At Applecrest, you can pick apples, grab some pumpkins, take a hay ride (haunted or human), and pick up anything you need from their expanded market. And don’t forget the creamery for the kids (and the dads, and the dads again).

EVERYONE knows about Applecrest. It’s a must-visit for any New Englander. I remember growing up and hearing when Celtics legend Kevin McHale would visit with his family – something he would’ve surely done weekly had the Celtics gone through with their plan to move to New Hampshire in the early '80s.

Respect Applecrest. They have THE BEST cider donuts on earth. And the only bad apple you’ll find there is the one doing orchard reviews for USA Today.

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