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I remember going to Heritage New Hampshire in up Glen, New Hampshire, with my family every year. It was honestly something that we just stumbled upon and instantly fell in love with.

Unfortunately, Heritage New Hampshire has been closed since 2006 according to, Sun Journal. As sad as the closing was, it was even sadder that the owner, Stoney Morrell, passed away due to cancer on the same day at the age of 50.

Heritage NH via Facebook
Heritage NH via Facebook

I remember walking through the history of New Hampshire and how immersed the museum was. I mean, what other museum had live actors guiding you through history?

According to Sun Journal, Stoney Morrell opened Heritage New Hampshire in 1976, next to the amusement park Story Land.

Story Land was built in 1954 in Glen, New Hampshire, and was made for families to venture out and go on attractions based on nursery rhymes and feature known characters. Stoney Morrell's parents, Ruth and Bob Morrell opened Story Land and Stoney took over the amusement park after the passing of his father.

Stoney Morrell had a lot on his plate taking care of both Story Land and Heritage New Hampshire, but he did a great job at running both. Story Land is still open today.

I am not the only visitor that loved going to both Story Land and Heritage New Hampshire. Both immersed you in an amazing experience, whether you were going to see your favorite nursery rhyme or learn about New Hampshire's history.

Heritage NH via Facebook
Heritage NH via Facebook

Sun Journal states that attendance at Heritage New Hampshire started to go down over the years. Although not as many visitors kept going and its closure, it is hard to forget one of the most immersive places that ever was in New Hampshire.

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