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When celebrities come to visit Maine, just like tourists, they hit Maine's hot spots. Usually, that's the big coastal towns like Rockland, Bar Harbor, Freeport, and of course Kennebunkport. That's where two big-name celebrities have been spotted in the past month at one of the most popular places to get seafood.

The Clam Shack has been serving take-out seafood since 1968 and is a staple of Kennebunkport and has become well known across the county after being featured in many travel magazines and TV shows.

Some of those people that take notice of the Clam Shack and make it a point to stop when visiting Maine are celebrities. Current owner Steve Kingston always manages to get a picture with the famous people that stop by and posts them on The Clam Shack's Facebook page.

Two big celebrities have stopped by The Clam Shack in the past month, the first of which was The View's Sara Haines who was there with her family on September 1 and showed a lot of love for The Clam Shack giving her lobster roll kit a kiss.

Then on Monday, October 4, the man who just lost the NFL's all-time passing yards record to Tom Brady stopped by. Was he soaking his sorrows in a buttery lobster roll? Probably not.

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