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I’ve never been shy about my love of underrated New Hampshire beaches.

I’m torn, though, about highlighting “secret” or “hidden” beaches in the Granite State. On one hand, it could lead to an appreciation of history, such as the one that followed an amazing discovery at a beach in Rye. On the other, it could lead to too many people showing up and trashing the place, as was the case at a beach in Massachusetts (where alcohol is no longer welcome).

But the word is already out, thanks to a study by Family Destinations Guide, which profiled the Top 100 Hidden Beaches in the United States. Coming in at number 37 is Seabrook Beach.

Ah, it was a good ride while it lasted for this secluded spot. Tall grass, beautiful sand, just a couple blocks over from delicious seafood. An easy inclusion on my list of best Seacoast beaches to walk during the off-season. But it looks like this private spot is about to go public.

At 66: Jenness State Beach in Rye. This hurts if you’re a local. Especially since a beach right down the road is already on the tourism map thanks to the discovery of a long-lost shipwreck in the sand (which is sometimes walkable and viewable).

Other New England beaches making the list: Massachusetts’ Chatham Lighthouse Beach and Bound Brook Island Beach. Maine is represented by Roque Bluffs State Park and Seawall Beach in Phippsburg. Rhode Island got a mention with Mansion Beach in New Shoreham; Connecticut with Dubois Beach in Stonington.

But Vermont of all places ranked highest, when Crystal Lake was ranked the 31st best hidden beach in the U.S. The Green Mountain State’s Alburgh Dunes State Park also came in at 63.

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