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If you watch any kind of crime drama on television or in the movies, conjugal visits usually make an appearance as part of a juicy, steamy, or raunchy plot line, or simply as a passing comment.  Even comedies get in on the visits, but obviously in a more light-hearted and funny way.

So why are we discussing conjugal visits, you ask, and why do we care?  Well, you know how the internet is; you find yourself reading one article, and the next thing you know, you've landed on something completely unrelated. That's exactly what happened to me, and I actually learned something.  So, think of this as a fun fact, useless or not.

According to Scalawag Magazine, prisoners around the country aren't all hooking up with their significant others in private rooms or trailers for hours or days.  As a matter of fact, conjugal visits aren't just about having sex, and in one of these four states, sex isn't a part of them at all.

Sandra Gligorijevic

According to Thrillist, this dying practice was never just about doing the deed. It was also designed to allow families to spend time together and preserve the family unit for a much longer period time than just visiting hours, and include children, parents, and other relatives.

Thrillist says that conjugal visit rooms or cabins are stocked with things like condoms, linens, and soap, and they usually have one to two separate bedrooms with a living area filled with board games.  This way, an impeccable prisoner can have a day or two living with their family.

There are only four states that currently allow conjugal visits according to Scalawag Magazine, often called extended or family visits.  California, New York, and Washington State are the only three that allow sexual contact, while Connecticut's visitation program must include children or a parent.

So, the next time you're binging movies and television shows that take place in, say, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, or Maine, you'll know if those conjugal visits aren't legit at all, albeit from a lack of research or use of creative license for a juicier plot line.

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