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If you're a horror film aficionado, or just love to scare yourself to death, then you probably watch almost every horror film that comes out.  I personally am not a scary movie person at all. However, when Maine's own Stephen King tweets that he wishes he wrote one that he watched, then even I'm curious.  I mean, it attracted his attention, and that's saying something about its fright rating.

According to Stephen's Twitter, this horror movie is called Fall, and streaming on Amazon Prime. The horror author absolutely praised the film, saying he wished he had been the one to write it.

FALL (Amazon Prime, maybe others): Tight, terrific, and very, very scary. Reminded me a bit of DUEL. Wish I'd written it.

Stephen King Twitter
Stephen King Twitter

According to Games Radar, it's a survival thriller that follows two adrenaline junkies who decide to climb a 2,000-foot decommissioned TV tower in the middle of the desert, and the rusty ladder breaks during their climb down.  The movie made $16 million at the box office, and only cost $3 million to make.

As you can read in Stephen's tweet, he mentions another movie called Duel.  Games Radar adds that it's a 1971 action thriller directed by Steven Spielberg where a salesman on a business trip is terrorized by the driver of a semi-truck.
Stephen King fans said they're not surprised, because Fall reminds them of his short story called The Ledge, which follows a man who must circumnavigate the five-inch ledge surrounding a crime boss' penthouse apartment.
Here's the trailer.

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