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Of all the things that don't make sense in the world in 2022, this may top the list. And that's saying a lot.

But how the hell does a list dedicated to the Best Cold-Weather Winter Destinations not only include Massachusetts THREE TIMES, but not even have New Hampshire or Maine listed anywhere?

Make it make sense, WalletHub, because your last list is bogus.

Omri D Cohen / Nikunj Singh
Omri D Cohen / Nikunj Singh

WalletHub's Best Winter Destination List

According to messaging on WalletHub's website, they help you "take your finances to the next level." Every now and then, they'll gather information to create lists of all different topics.

Their latest one is dedicated to highlighting both the Best Cold-Weather and Warm-Weather Winter Destinations. And, no disrespect to WalletHub, but they definitely missed the mark on the cold-weather section.

Source: WalletHub

Someone tell me how Massachusetts made the list not once, not twice, BUT THREE TIMES?! Truthfully, other than Celtics and Bruins games and maybe some outdoor ice skating somewhere (all mainly in Boston, by the way), what in the blue hell else does Boston, Worcester, and the Mass/Rhode Island border offer during winter?

Because somehow, those three areas in Mass made the list (including Boston in the Top 10 at #8), but New Hampshire and Maine were nowhere to be found.


Literally, the destinations with mountains that skiers and boarders routinely visit (after minutes, hours, days, weeks, and months praying for a Snowpocalypse) during the winter -- neither of those states made the list?

Including New Hampshire having the freakin' Ice Castles in North Woodstock? The ICE CASTLES, probably the most winter thing about winter in New England, DIDN'T make the list?

Go home, WalletHub. With all due respect, you spiked your eggnog way too strong on this one.

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