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Everyone loves dinner and a movie. And if you’ve eaten the former at a legendary New England restaurant, you might have the chance to star in the latter.

Ahead of its 75th anniversary, the Kowloon Chinese restaurant in Saugus is asking patrons to submit all photos and videos taken at the Route 1 landmark. The Kowloon’s owners would like to use the photos and footage in an upcoming documentary.

In particular, the Kowloon is asking for VHS and Super 8 MM footage. If you are interested, send your footage to Kowloondocumentary@gmail.com.

The restaurant was once part of a string of roadside markers on Route 1, along with the Hilltop Steakhouse and a minigolf course remembered for its unmistakable orange dinosaur. While the Hilltop sign and dinosaur remain, both businesses have closed.

Despite rumors it could close or downsize, the Kowloon remains, hosting comedy shows and musical acts. But it’s also famous for the stature it’s achieved in another world: professional wrestling.

You may have even seen West Newbury native John Cena sport a pair of custom Kowloon sneakers at WrestleMania earlier this year.

For decades, the Kowloon has been a regular stop for World Wrestling Entertainment Superstars. In fact, on the restaurant’s website, there is an entire page dedicated to the signed headshots of wrestlers that hang on the wall inside the Kowloon.

“To Kowloon Rest – You’re the Best”, wrote Hulk Hogan. “To Kowloon – the ONLY place to eat in Boston” adds Mick Foley, over a photograph of the wrestler using his Mankind persona (which I assume he sheds during his yearly visits to a New Hampshire amusement park).

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