Right from the start, I want to make sure anyone reading this knows I'm not trying to trap you with clickbait or even start a widespread panic that most definitely without question there was a UFO spotted in New Hampshire last night.

I fully admit that it could have been anything like a drone or something. But regardless of what it was, it was definitely peculiar, so I figured I would toss this article out into the universe to see if someone else saw what I did or can confirm exactly what it was.


It was probably sometime around 7:30p last night (Sunday night, September 17, 2023, depending on when you're seeing and reading this) and I was traveling north on I-95. As soon as I merged onto 95 from Route 101 East, I spotted an airplane flying. But a minute or so later, just shy of Exit 3 in the Greenland, New Hampshire, area, I spotted something else in the sky.

It caught my attention and I kept moving my gaze from the highway in front of me to that object in the sky, because what stood out to me most about it was, unlike the airplane which I could see making its way across the horizon, this object was just hovering. In fact, it was doing nothing but just staying lit and motionless in the sky.

There were no blinking lights, no darting around the sky -- absolutely nothing. I thought maybe it could've been a light on a cell phone tower, but there was no tower attached to it. So, I just assumed that maybe, for whatever reason, someone had their drone in the air to get footage of cars driving at night.

Until I noticed something as I was driving underneath it.

Ufo flying at night

As I began approaching and passing whatever the object in the sky was, what was simply just a bright, stationary light changed to that same bright, stationary light, but also lit up with four green lights in a line and one red light following the green lights.

I don't own a drone so maybe that's simply how the bottom of one lights up, but if it's not, I couldn't tell you what that was I saw in the sky last night. But were you or someone you know in that area last night and saw the same thing and maybe have an answer or explanation?

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