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While there are numerous chains of restaurants specializing in Mexican food throughout not just New England, but the United States overall, there have been more and more locally-owned 'mom and pop' restaurants specializing in authentic Mexican cuisine popping up lately.

New Hampshire seems like a gold mine for authentic Mexican cuisine, no matter where you are in the state, including Plaza Azteca which is right on the Methuen, Massachusetts/Salem, New Hampshire line, Cinco's Cantina with locations in Dover and Epping (and soon opening in Rochester), La Corona (also in Rochester), and many others.

Speaking of Rochester, one restaurant offering authentic Mexican cuisine seems to have just up and disappeared without notice, but there also now seems to be an explanation.

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My Cielo Taqueria

One of the more well-known and talked about Mexican restaurants in Rochester has been My Cielo Taqueria on Columbus Avenue. It's been a popular spot with residents and even customers from bordering towns for years now, leading to a second location being opened in Epping.

Recently, though, it seems as though the Rochester location of My Cielo has up and disappeared, to the point that the sign for the restaurant doesn't even exist anymore. And it seems like there's finally an answer, after a question posted about what's happening was asked in the You KNOW you're from Rochester, NH if you... group on Facebook.

Dora Taqueria and Cantina

According to someone who identifies himself as one of the vendors for My Cielo in the comments section of the Facebook post about what's happening to the restaurant, everything seems to be remaining the same outside of the name.

It's still there they are just changing the name and signs. Same people just partners split you will see them out new signs up very soon.

In fact, when you type My Cielo Taqueria into Google, the new name of Dora Taqueria and Cantina pops up.


There are Dora Taqueria locations throughout Massachusetts (Dorchester, Woburn, and Weymouth), but nothing has been confirmed on whether or not there is a relationship in ownership or if these two restaurants just share similar names.

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