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Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and so is the stress of slaving away for eight hours on a turkey and all the fixin's.

Now, there are three types of people when it comes to Thanksgiving:

1. The guest. The person who shows up, likely 20-45 minutes late, with nothing besides a bottle of champagne or a case of beer. The main responsibility for their day is simply showing up to someone's house on Thanksgiving, ideally on time.

2. The host who delegates. These hosts are brilliant. They know that they are in charge of the turkey, but everyone else has everything else. They are laid back. They'll tell everyone what to bring, and as long as it gets there, they don't care if it was made minutes before, prepared for weeks, or store-bought.

3. The host who does it all. These hosts are crazy in the best way. Nothing is store-bought. They spend months prepping, making sure they have everything covered. They would rather cancel desert than have some Market Basket cookies be served. These hosts are few and far between. I mean, doing everything homemade, by yourself, is a lot.

Thanksgiving is stressful for all members. Whether you are the host or the guest, the chances that you will be asked to bring something, even if it's just the carrots or a dessert item, are high.

Now, whatever you bring, does it have to be homemade? Because if I were in charge of rolls/bread, there is a 100% chance those would be purchased from a bakery or store.

What about desserts? Are the Target cookies okay? Or will Grammy be disgusted for not baking something from scratch?

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