I know some folks think hot dogs are disgusting but I am a huge fan! I always order a Fenway Frank when I go to Red Sox games and it enhances my experience. I look forward to being able to go to Fenway Park again when this Covid business is behind us. Who knew I would miss paying $13 dollars for a Bud Light so much?

In New England, Boston baked beans and franks was a Saturday night staple. Or if my dad was away and dinner was up to mom, it was always beans and franks. I wasn't mad about it!

Food and Wine magazine named the best hot dog in every state and I feel like the choice for New Hampshire was no surprise.

They picked Gilley's in Portsmouth! Well hot diggity dog! Do you agree with this choice?

At Gilley's you can dress you dog up any which way!

Embrace your inner Polack with a Sauerkraut dog

Or get messy with a Chili Dog

Some folks just want onions and mustard on their dogs

And some people like Ketchup on their dog. I've heard that is sacrilegious but I don't really see a problem with it.

If you are wondering what the choices were for Maine and Massachusetts, let's get into it!

Dysart’s in Hermon, Maine was the pick for Vacationland: Dysart's has been serving up dogs and more to Mainers for over 50 years.

You'll have to drive all the way to the Berkshires to enjoy Massachusett's best hot dog. It can be found at Jack’s Hot Dogs in Pittsfield, MA. They are known for their chili dogs, wrapped in American cheese and topped with the house meat sauce. WOW that is innovative and I am here for it!

Where is the best hot dog you have ever had?

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