Call it Gov. Chris Sununu's Super 502 Day. Or 606 Day.

The governor who has spent several days over the summer on what he calls Super 603 Days touring New Hampshire counties spent Monday in Kentucky he said to learn about how the state is handling its COVID-19 delta variant surge.

"Today I'm visiting health care officials in Kentucky w. Commissioner Shibinette,
@NHNationalGuard General Mikolaities & other state officials to get their on-the-ground perspective on lessons learned and best practices in one of the hardest-hit states during the pandemic," Sununu wrote on his Twitter account.

"Like NH, Kentucky is a rural state with small cities. Seeing how they are handling their COVID surge, how hospitals are managing through this crisis, and to hear what tools they have found to be effective in battling this most recent wave will help inform NH's approach," the governor tweeted.

The state is also the home of Sen. Mitch McConnell who has been pushing Sununu to make a run for U.S. Senate in 2022. Sununu spokesman Ben Vihstadt told that they did not meet.

New Hampshire Democrats said Sununu could have found the same results had he stayed local.

"We all know Gov. Chris Sununu loves photo-ops, but traveling to Kentucky is a new one. Seems like he could've saved a few taxpayer dollars and gone to Vermont or Maine. Or even better, how about a phone call," NH Democratic Party tweeted with a graph showing far more new cases in Kentucky over the past seven days than New Hampshire, Vermont or Maine.

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