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Why Are Hazard Lights Important?

As I am sure you know, that red triangle button in your car puts on your hazard lights. Hazard lights flash on the back of your car and let other drivers know that there is a hazard on the road (hence the name).

Hazard lights are great for when you are on the side of the road stopped, or if your car has broken down in the middle of the road. It warns other drivers that you are there and not to hit you.

Is There Anything Negative About Using Your Hazard Lights?

Yes, hazard lights are helpful, but of course, there is a downside to using your hazard lights. When your hazard lights are on, you are unable to put on your directionals. Therefore, if you are driving with hazards on, other drivers will not be able to tell that you are switching lanes or if you are pulling out from the side of the road, others may not know you are ready to start driving again.

Should I Be Driving With My Hazards On? 

This is the real question. I've seen many people drive (rain or shine) with their hazard lights on and it made me question...are you supposed to drive with hazard lights on?

I get that in the rain (and let us be honest snow) it can be hard to see while driving, however, you may want to just pull over rather than turn on your hazards.

No matter where you are from, if you are driving in Maine you will want to make sure that your hazards are off. According to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, in the state of Maine, "Hazard light use is not permitted while driving unless to indicate a traffic hazard."

Granted not being able to see could be a hazard, but it is not considered a traffic hazard. Driving with your hazards on could cause confusion to other drivers as they may believe that you are stopped.

If you choose to drive with your hazards on in Maine, you could get a ticket that could cost you more than $100 in some counties.

If you want to drive with your hazards on in New England, then I recommend driving in Connecticut, New Hampshire, or Vermont.

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