How would you like to soar in a colorful hot air balloon and gaze out at views of the New Hampshire countryside?

Everyone knows hot air balloons exist, but most don't consider the fact that they, too, could float through the sky in a human-sized basket lifted by one of these massive aircraft. Several places throughout New England offer hot air balloon rides, including A&A Balloon Rides in Salem, New Hampshire.

In addition to private flights, A&A offers public sunrise balloon rides for guests of all ages, according to their website. They explain that while you're up in the air catching a peaceful birds eye view:

"You don’t feel the wind; you are a part of it, almost not even realizing that you are moving. The balloon drifts gracefully above the ground at heights of 500 to 2,000 feet, where peace and tranquility overwhelm you as you float over the tree tops above the beautiful New Hampshire countryside."

These flights start 30 minutes before the sunrise, so the specific departure time obviously changes depending on the time of year. You'll first receive a talk on safety, then take to the skies for approximately an hour while being led by an experienced pilot and crew. Upon returning to the ground, you can also indulge in some champagne and cheese & crackers.

We'd be lying if we said these flights weren't costly (they start at $300/person), but believe that everyone should experience this unique bucket list activity once in their lifetime. So, it just might be worth checking out.

For more information on A&A Balloon Rides, click here.

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