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Breast Cancer Awareness Month

It's common knowledge based on all of the pink seen and the fundraising events put on this month every year, that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. And it's also known that there are multiple nonprofits that help breast cancer patients nationally. Well-known organizations like the National Breast Cancer Foundation, the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, and Susan G. Komen are just a few foundations that do amazing work in their own right, and more-than-deserve the kudos they receive.

Maine and New Hampshire Breast Cancer Organizations

Let this be a total preface -- there IS no bad donating you can do when it comes to donating in the hopes of taking down a disease that's as heartless, careless, and non-discriminatory as breast cancer. So, donating to the national organization is still an amazing, selfless act out of you, but there's only one downside -- you have no idea who you're helping.

Meanwhile, there are a number of just-as-generous nonprofits that are local and dedicated to helping local breast cancer patients. OUR neighbors. Right here in New England, be it Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts -- the donated money stays HERE to help Joanie down the street or Caroline at the bank -- faces that you may not know personally, but may very well walk or drive by on a daily basis.

A few right off the bat to get us started:

Maine Cancer Foundation: MCF is dedicated to reducing cancer and mortality rates while keeping 100% of proceeds inside the borders of Maine. With Maine's cancer rates higher than the national average, MCF focuses on three pillars to reverse that statistic: 1) Foster Cancer Prevention, 2) Increase Early Detection & Screening, and 3) Improve Patient Outcomes.

Northwoods Cancer Survivors, NH: Focusing its efforts in the North Country, Northwoods Cancer Survivors raises funds to provide gas cards to cancer patients traveling for treatment and care from the Berlin, Gorham, Shelburne, Randolph and Milan area.

Fit4aCause Outdoor Bootcamp, NH: Fit4aCause takes an interesting, outside-the-box approach to aiding local breast cancer patients. Founded by NH-resident and breast cancer survivor, Renee Plodzik, Fit4aCause helps recovering breast cancer patients by getting active, which Renee says your best bet in preventing cancer from recurring. The classes are also open to anyone of any age and fitness level, and donations are used for survivorship programs.

Now That You're Started, Here Are More Nonprofits 100% Dedicated to Helping Maine and New Hampshire Breast Cancer Patients

Unlike national organizations, these local nonprofits keep 100% of donations in Maine and New Hampshire to help our local neighbors battling breast cancer.

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