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Not going to lie to you, I was very thrown off the other day driving back to Maine from Boston. I was taking my normal route to get back, the Turnpike aka I-95, when I saw something out of the corner of my eye that honestly took me by surprise.

Granted I was surprised by what I saw, I did not cause an accident, thank goodness! But, what exactly did I see? Well, a small cemetery was only like 3 feet from the Turnpike.

Yes, a cemetery.

Now I get it, there are cemeteries everywhere, but I do not believe I have ever saw one by a highway until the other day.

Upon some further research, because I honestly had to know if my eyes were deceiving me, I found out that the cemetery is real and called Mitchell-Hatch Cemetery.

The Mitchell-Hatch Cemetery is located in York County, and according to People Legacy, this cemetery is the burial site of 19 individuals.

Now, you may be wondering why it is called the Mitchell-Hatch Cemetery, well it could be due to the fact that majority of the individuals buried there have the last name of Mitchell or Hatch.

I told you that this was a small cemetery, however, it is also a very old cemetery. According to People Legacy, the first person to be buried there was Jerusha Davis Hatch back in 1814 and the last individual to be buried was Catherine Mitchell in 1890.

Since the Mitchell-Hatch Cemetery is so old, it is safe to say that there was no Turnpike there when it was created due to the fact that there was cars even in existence.

If you have driven past this cemetery, then you may have noticed that it is really not that accessible. There is a fence put around the land that is only 3 feet away from I-95. There is really no road to the cemetery.

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