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It may be every Mainer's worst fear -- being stuck deep in the Maine woods in the middle of winter with near freezing temps and no cell service. For most, that's very much a worse case scenario.

For Susannah Warner and her husband, it very nearly became reality. In fact, it did for a few minutes. As Susannah recounts on her post in the Everything Maine group on Facebook --

"Sometimes cruising the Maine woods has its downfalls…Sometimes an ATV’s clutch belt inexplicably gives way and a 5 mile walk back to cell service and civilization in the dark must be endured. Sometimes a snowmobile is cranky and a wife has to stand helplessly by, uselessly holding snowmobile gloves and used spark plugs, while her husband tightens nobs and plugs and adjusts things with tiny tools while the cold wind blows on bare hands. Sometimes a wife laments the fact that all her escapades happen without a working cell signal for miles and fondly remembers the 70 degree 5 mile walk in the summer and dreads the several mile walk back when it’s 10."

Although Susannah and her husband live in Anson, they have a cabin in Moxie up in The Forks. If you've never been to The Forks, it's truly God's Country -- and that's about it. Cabins, rivers, trails -- The Forks is truly nature at its absolute finest.

And normally, isolation is one of the best perks of The Forks, but in this instance, when it was one of the near-subzero (and surely would've been up in The Forks once the sun set and night fell on Susannah and her husband) temperature days earlier this week, isolation is the absolute worst thing when you're in need. But thankfully, as Susannah goes on in her post, the story didn't end with a 5-mile walk in 10-degree weather that night.

"And sometimes a wife will remember she should be praying instead of fretting, and so she does. And it starts. And it runs.
And later, when the snowmobile and its riders are home, and she’s in a cozy cabin in the Maine woods with snow falling silently outside the windows, sometimes the wife and the husband recount adventures-old and new-and laugh without fear of the future."

First and foremost, we're thankful that Susannah and her husband are safe and sound and were able to repair their snowmobile and get back to their cabin safely. Secondly, we're thankful they were able to look back at the whole ordeal and laugh about it -- because after all, what are the odds?!

But mostly, we're thankful that Susannah and her husband proved to some and reminded others, that the Spirit of Maine always wins. Somehow, someway, the Mainer Spirit always prevails. The ability to go toe-to-toe with adversity, sometimes in what could've been grim or grave circumstances, take a step back and a deep breath and just...believe. And hope. And manifest. And then adventure all over again.

That is part of the true Mainer spirit.

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