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According to Milb.com, Charlie Eshbach was the very first employee of the Portland Sea Dogs in 1992. He had a long and fruitful career with the team and stepped down from his leadership position in 2018, staying on as a senior advisor.


Charlie was and continues to be "Mr. Sea Dog", and is loved in a big way by the Portland community.

It has been trending on Twitter that Charlie's son Scott is suffering from liver failure and is in need of a transplant. Scott is 34-years-old and lives in Westbrook, Maine.

Rebecca Macdonald via Facebook
Rebecca Macdonald via Facebook

It would mean the world to the Eshbach family if you would consider being a living donor. According to donatelife.net, a living donation is possible because the liver is the only organ that can regenerate itself. An adult may be able to donate a portion (lobe) of their liver to a child or another adult.

The donor must have type O blood and be between the ages of 18 and 60.

The Facebook Group Find Scott a Liver was created in late October of last year. If you are willing to donate, you are urged to fill out a questionnaire. The purpose is to detect any medical conditions that may affect your ability to be a living donor.

Here's Scott's niece doing what she can to help out Uncle Scott:

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The word is being spread by some pretty influential people such as Alex Cora, Longtime NESN sportscaster Tom Caron, and more. Hopefully with the powers of social media and compassion combined, they will find a match soon.


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