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Halloween and Adam Sandler. The perfect marriage – almost as strong as Stan & Judy’s.

How fitting that “The Sandman” makes his return to New Hampshire just a week before All Hollow’s Eve, as the Manchester native has long been associated with what is arguably New England’s most popular holiday.

As early as his days on “Saturday Night Live,” Sandler has shown a soft spot for Pumpkin Day, appearing on “Weekend Update” to pitch a series of last-minute costume ideas.

But in his film career as well, Sandler has steadily built up a vast array of supernatural tales and characters. Most obvious is Sandler’s turn in the 2020's locally-shot “Hubie Halloween,” which has already reached cult status among Sand-Stans.

And we all love the “Hotel Transylvania” franchise, in which Sandler voices Count “Drac” Dracula. And you have to at least appreciate “Little Nicky,” the Popeye Chicken-loving spawn of Satan with an affinity for the rock band Chicago.

In fact, Sandler has starred in at least ten feature films that incorporate elements of suspense, science fiction, or the supernatural. Among them are 2006’s “Click,” 2008’s “Bedtime Stories,” 2014’s “The Cobbler,” and 2015’s “Pixels.”

If you want to get technical about it, a recent ranking of America’s “most haunted” towns – which has New Orleans taking the top slot – could even land Sandler’s “Cajun Man” character from “Saturday Night Live” in the “spooky” category.

And there are even some dark undertones to Sandler's most famous Weekend Update character, the legendary Opera Man.

But even in his lighter, less demonic comedies, Sandler has portrayed a vast array of colorful characters.

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