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If you're not a fan of pizza then you aren't a fan of breathing.

Was that a harsh statement? Maybe, but it's hard to feel passionately about melty cheese sitting atop perfectly cooked wheat based dough. You've probably not met too many slices of 'Za you didn't love.

While pizza is one of those things that can be pretty hard to screw up, there are a few factors that separate the amateurs from the pies that are worth writing home about.

These are three of the most important factors that contribute to a perfect slice of pizza:

  • A blend of cheeses
  • Perfectly cooked crust
  • Keep it simple with the toppings

We decided to poll Granite Staters on their favorite pizza places in New Hampshire.

Our findings?

Granite Staters are very loyal to their favorite pizza joints and take this matter VERY seriously. The results were narrowed down to the top 10 pizza places in New Hampshire (an unscientific poll, of course).

If your favorite didn't make the list, that doesn't mean it's not a great pizza place! And be sure to let us know ones we missed.

Here's the list in no particular order:

10 Favorite New Hampshire Pizza Places Chosen by Granite Staters

So now the question is where to get some pizza.

These 10 NH Restaurants Deserve Your Attention

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