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Building a brand new amusement park from the ground up can be expensive and time-consuming. It could take millions of dollars and years to complete. That's why one New England amusement park decided to try a new strategy, make every single attraction and ride inflatable. It's worked, as the Cape Cod Inflatable Park has been a hit with their 2022 summer season about to begin on Friday, July 1.

Facebook via Cape Cod Inflatable Park
Facebook via Cape Cod Inflatable Park

How Many Inflatable Attractions Are in the Park?

The Cape Cod Inflatable Park features more than 20 different attractions that range from mild to thrilling. A visit can be a workout too. Some of Cape Cod Inflatable Park's most challenging attractions pay tribute to exciting competition shows. The Ninja Wall attraction is an ode to American Ninja Warrior. The Battle Zone attraction is an homage to the Eliminator from American Gladiators. There's also attractions involving a mechanical bull, a Star Wars hyperspace jump experience, and less thrilling attractions for younger kids.

There's a Water Park Right Next Door to Cool Off

With so many attractions, working up a sweat at the Cape Cod Inflatable Park is a given. The great news is there's an entire water park located directly next door. It's called Wicked Waves, and features several different ways for anyone to cool off. Wicked Waves is home to a lazy river and multiple thrilling slide rides, and if you're going to call yourself Wicked Waves, you best have a wave pool. They do. There's also a kiddie play area and a swim-up bar to keep people of all ages satisfied.

How Much Does It Cost to Visit?

That depends on how long you want to stay and play. Just a regular day pass to Cape Cod Inflatable Park is $30. You can combine your day pass with Wicked Waves waterpark for just $20 more. If you're thinking about making your visit more than just a day-long road trip, you can actually get free admission to the inflatable park with an overnight stay at the Cape Cod Family Resort.

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