The announcement came down a few days ago -- there's going to be a delicious brand new eatery headed to New Hampshire in the next couple of months!

Luna Bistro

Luna Bistro promises to bring something completely different to Salem, New Hampshire -- something the town has never seen, and owner Kori Doherty is absolutely capitalizing on that fact in her branding. Touting itself as "Salem's first and only Tapas and Wine Bar," the headline surely isn't buried. Luna Bistro will be the first-ever restaurant to spotlight tapas, with the closest options being in Nashua, New Hampshire and Lowell, Massachusetts.

On top of that and again, not burying the headline, Luna Bistro will also feature a wine bar, a huge highlight to connoisseurs of a glass of vino. But that's not even all, because 30 craft beers will also be on tap, featuring local New England brewers like Moat Mountain, Allagash, Woodstock Inn, Switchback and more! And to top it all off, Luna Bistro will also feature an indoor/outdoor patio.

What are tapas?

If you're not super well-versed in food, you may be sitting there thinking to yourself, "Hey, that's cool...what the heck is a tapa?" Honestly, a solid question, because there's no cut and dry answer, according to James Blick. They can be half-portions of food, full portions, or appetizers. It honestly all depends on the place.

However, what Luna Bistro has planned as far as their tapas offerings go is still a mystery. In fact, according to the Facebook page for Luna Bistro, some menu items are still being tested out, and within the next few weeks we should have more information on what their menu looks like, their hours, and an opening date! What is known, though, is that it'll be going into the Breckenridge Plaza on Route 28, and their sign is already up on the Breckenridge street sign!

For now, let's get ready to experience a restaurant that is definitely unique and exciting!

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