There's a solid chance he's the most popular A-list celebrity that's also one of the most pleasant, giving, and thoughtful human beings on the planet.

Keanu Reeves Nice Stories

There are countless stories of Keanu Reeves being just a solid, good dude and not the stereotypical super successful celebrity that you can come across at times.

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According to Insider, there are tons of examples of Keanu is considered the nicest person ever -- he's given his seat up to a woman on a busy New York City subway before.

When a flight he was on had to make an emergency landing, not only did he road trip with some of his fellow passengers, but he also arranged for transportation for all of them to get to their final destination since his stop was before theirs.

Insider also reports that Keanu even once randomly bought an ice cream specifically so he could grant a young fan's request for his autograph, which he put on the receipt for the ice cream.

He's just a solid, good dude and someone we should all strive to be like on the daily.

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Keanu Reeves' Band

While Keanu is known for being the nicest human on the planet and also for his huge movies like the John Wick franchise, The Matrix franchise, the Bill & Ted franchise, the Speed franchise, and an endless list more -- one thing that may fly under the radar is Keanu is also an accomplished musician.

Keanu is actually the bassist for the alternative rock band Dogstar, who is planning to drop their first album in 23 years called Somewhere Between the Power Lines and Palm Trees on October 6. And with a new album comes a new tour.

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Keanu Reeves Coming to Boston

According to the official Dogstar website, the band is scheduled to perform at Paradise Rock Club in Boston on Tuesday, December 12, 2023. And barring any issues, Keanu will be in the house performing with his bandmates that night.

The downside? At the time of this writing, it looks like the show is SOLD OUT with only ONE verified resale ticket up for grabs. But more tickets or more dates could be added due to the popularity -- we've seen it happen plenty of times before.

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