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The adventures continue on the New England roadways.

But unlike some other recent incidents that involved negligence or recklessness, the most recent “you gotta see this” moment involved a stranger helping another in need.

A man from Lawrence, Massachusetts, sprinted across four lanes of traffic on Interstate 93 when he noticed someone driving erratically. He reaches the car just as it drives into the lefthand breakdown lane, right up against the median.

Once there, he is unable to open the doors, observes the driver having a medical emergency, and begin running alongside the vehicle, frantically yelling for help.

The incident played out like a movie scene, with video having since gone viral.

Eventually, the car came to a stop after hitting a divider. According to Boston.com, the driver, a woman from New Hampshire, had indeed lost consciousness. Meanwhile, the man, later identified as 25-year-old Adolfo Molina, is being widely praised for his heroic act.

Adolfo, a native of the Dominican Republic, was honored by the Dominican Consulate of Boston, according to NBC Boston.

With Boston traffic being recognized globally for its frustrating nature, it can be easy to grow frustrated rather than concerned. So, how do you tell the difference between a bad driver and one in need of assistance?


According to Consumer Reports, you should call 911 if you notice a car swerving in and out of its lane, accelerating of decelerating sporadically, or in any way posing a threat to other vehicles.

You are also advised to get the license plate or a description of the vehicle, then pull over to make the call so you don’t become part of the accident.

However, if the car is going as quickly as this driver on I-93 back in the summertime, a call to 911 is likely all the police need to pick it out.

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